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Crossing Lines

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Matty is done with casual, fleeting encounters. He wants something with meaning, something real—real emotion and real power dynamics too. Like what his friends, Dax and Annabelle, have. They’re a lifestyle power-exchange couple with years of experience and they’ve been his mentors, teachers and only family since his first hesitant stumbles into the world of BDSM. But they’ve never been his lovers, because that’s one line he will not cross—he might be a messy switch, but their relationship is too important to him, so he’s sworn never to get in the way. Even if that means never admitting to how much he adores them both.

Until the night they drag him out to the club, determined to remind him of who he is and why he should be proud of that. A night in which he’s slowly drawn into their scene, step by step, like a slow seduction…which is exactly what this is. For Dax and Annabelle, always so careful about the boundaries and never encroaching on his space themselves, still have one more thing to teach him: there are some lines which need to be crossed.

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