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Crowded House anthology: AVAILABLE NOW

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Truth or Dare: AVAILABLE NOW

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I’m Misty and this is my world. I’m a writer of fiction and commentary, most often of contemporary romance that goes to some deliciously dark places involving a great deal of kink. It is often – though not always – explicit. I do like to embrace the erotic in my romance and believe in happy endings of every variety.

My writing encompasses romance, sex positive feminism, BDSM and kink, erotica and genre more generally. As for myself, I’m bisexual, female, submissive, polyamorous, and (like everyone), ultimately far more than the labels with which I identify.

This is my site. All are welcome here, none are excluded. There will be no kink shaming ever, but there must always be respect. Respect for others, for ourselves, for boundaries and safe words, for the tastes and desires of others which may not be our own, for the world, and for humanity in all its wonderful variation.

And remember, there is no such thing as normal.

Fuck normal.